The Project Life Cycle

A construction or renovation project is not just about the execution of the actual physical work. The work begins at the moment of the initial discussion.

You can expect us to walk with you from concept & design, through construction, and post construction.

We consider this journey as broken down into 5 distinct phases shown below. Click Here to begin the Free Estimate Process.

Phase I
Discovery Phase

Madison River Builders (MRB) fully understands the stresses that can be associated with construction projects.  With time, money and expectations on the line, we will be there to help you manage it all.

Phase l is the key phase which helps to ensure a project is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Early decisions are a major influence of a project’s timeline and success. You must establish a budget, create a timeline, determine the project size and let's not forget, selecting the colors, textures and trim that bring everything together.

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We specialize in helping you bring all these decisions together. A full and clear vision allows us to advance to Phase ll

Phase ll
Phase lll
Phase lV
Phase V
Punch-list and Close-out